A wordsmith and editor above all, Sami has been honing his skills using the might of the pen instead of the sword. His words generate a force to be reckoned with, as it influences the reader to think profoundly about the subject at hand.

Whether it makes the reader smile, cry or laugh, there is truly nothing more inspiring for Sami when his writing can evoke these emotions. He started writing at a young age, and has ever since been writing for himself and others. It is only recently that he has decided to gift the world with his talent, so he could share the deepest and innermost thoughts with others. As an author and writer at The Official Sami, he is always ready.

He graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts (Double Major) in History and Religion. As well as with a degree in Programming and Design.

Reverting to Islam in 2010, he met his wife three years later. For Sami, life has improved after meeting her. To quote him when it comes to his journey thus far with her, "[Allah is] the One who helped me realize there are more than five pillars in Islam. My wife became the sixth pillar, in a world bereft of peaceful order, where chaos became normative in most aspects of life. A soothing calmness within a storm" (excerpt from "White, Canadian and Muslim").