White, Canadian and Muslim (book cover)
White, Canadian and Muslim (book cover)

"Sami Desormeaux’s White, Canadian and Muslim, is a candid and succinct autobiographical account that captures the author’s triple consciousness. In this beautifully written monograph, the author seeks to negotiate his Canadian heritage, his ethnicity and his religious convictions. The author’s courage has allowed him to share with us his private thoughts allowing readers to appreciate his fair-minded treatment and the measure of himself. White, Canadian and Muslim, captures the author’s personal strivings and longing to attain a balanced existence in a complex world, which makes it increasingly difficult to find solace; the author’s truth telling teaches us abundantly more about our individual strivings and the complex intersections of society, family and faith."

Dr. A. Ismail Kahera

"Truly a great book, that definitely inspires and makes you think how the small the world really is."

Zeinab Kahera